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Dr. Dave Foster is a highly acclaimed guitarist, singer, songwriter known for his searing guitar solos, solid rhythm and impeccable technique. Ricky Roy masters the low frequencies, harmonizing perfectly, and both takes rein of lead vocals and provides back up. Mario Martin is a drummer who doesn't just command our attention with his dynamic stick swinging skills, he's also a high tenor who lends his voice on solo and backup vocals. Combined, they form the Dr. Dave Revue with a huge repertoire of songs spanning from Classic Rock to Blues, Motown, Funk, Soul, R & B, Swing and everything in between.

The experiences these guys have in common go beyond being multi-styled, versatile musicians. They all started out and found their love for music before their teen years, have all been formally trained, are long time veterans of the music business with experience in all types of venues, and have performed and toured with a multitude of musicians. While those similarities in musicianship and experiences aren't always a prelude to a symbiotic union, their musical synergy comes together like a precisely tuned, well oiled machine.

Dr. Dave and Ricky first met as sidemen in a local Big Band gig where they hit it off right away . When Dave needed a bass player in a pinch, Ricky agreed to lend his talents without hesitation. Later, Mario was recommended as a drummer for a gig and impressed them with his sound on the skins. After playing together with no rehearsal time, they found they had a remarkable musical chemistry and decided to form the trio known as the Dr. Dave Revue in 2004. The three of them together have become a force to be reckoned with.

Their first rehearsal together in Ottawa's legendary Rainbow Bistro turned out to become a regular gig, as the perfectly matched trio had everyone in the club out of their seats and tearing up the dance floor! With gutsy vocals and musical wizardry, this band is a high energy classic rock trio covering favourites from the 60's and 70's with a driving edge that has come to be expected.

This is a band not to be missed!

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Dr. Dave Foster
Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave is a multi-styled guitarist and songwriter, who plays rock, blues, R&B, jazz and swing, in fact, most genres, with equal virtuosity. His searing guitar solos, solid rhythm, and impeccable technique has earned him acclaim from both audience members and seasoned musicians.

The highly acclaimed sideman started as singer, at the age of nine, with formal training as solist in the internationally aclaimed John XXIIIrd Boys' Choir.

Ricky Roy
Ricky Roy

Born and raised in Hull, Quebec, this versatile musician played all styles of music from country to classical. It all started in his teens, when rock music was thriving. He and his friends wanted to form a band so he picked up the bass and it stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Ricky is classically trained as a singer, he is a perfect harmonizer.

Mario Martin
Mario Martin

Mario began playing drums thirty years ago. He just fell in love with the sticks. He is a 25-year veteran of the music business and his experience covers all venues. His dynamic drumming delivers the essence of all styles of music. Over the years Mario has played many rock festivals and opened for many major acts.

He is also a fabulous singer with a high tenor voice delivers fabulous solo and backup vocals.

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